Lillienne missed the memo. Apparently nobody has informed her she is only FOUR AND A HALF months old. She is growing up before my very eyes, yesterday she was looking through my purses and experimenting with my new green eyeshadows.
She now has a total of two teeth on the bottom, they are razor sharp and halfway up, so you can see them very well when she smiles. She is rolling over both ways, and if you run to get yourself a glass of water, she will have motored around on the floor in the opposite direction and moved ahead a foot. She is eating rice cereal a couple times a week, and each time she greets the bowl and spoon as if they are old friends, and they are soon going to be running through a feild of wildflowers together. She has also tried applesauce and squash. Next week, peas and sweet potatoes. The week after that? A six course meal at a red carpet bash. She’s borrowing a purse of mine and wearing my green eyeshadow.
She stares at Dustin and I very intently as we eat, following our forks or spoons. I believe she goes in a food trance during our meal times. She is so content and quiet.
She is sleeping so well. During her very early days there were some horrible nights that she could not would not go to bed, she would not could not till she turned red. Now, as she approaches her 5th month, she is sleeping like a magical baby from babyland, the kind of baby everyone wants and I HAVE. We can put her down awake at night, at her bedtime, and she will fall asleep. We put her down in our bed during the day for naps, I put her down when she is sleepy but not asleep, and she will go to sleep. ON HER OWN. She sleeps through the night every now and then, and she will usually sleep in with me in the mornings as well. She is INCREDI-BABY.
BUT she does need to slow down. She is only 4 and a half months old. Totally missed the memo.