Another year, another birthday. Thanks Mom, for squeezing me out of your vag so I might live!! This year I turned 26 and I must say, birthdays just arent what they used to be!! Gone are the balloons, music and ice cream. In it’s place are feelings of saggy boobs, Centrum select vitamins, and filling out applications for myself at the best nursing home in the city.
I spent this years birthday with my lovely baby and my Mom, and it was pretty low key, which was perfectly fine for me. Dustin took me for supper and I ofcourse ordered Lasagna, because this is the only food I live on, and if you cut me open I am sure I would bleed mozzarella and meatsauce.
Dustin bought me a beautiful white gold necklace with a sapphire and diamonds pendant. I am a lucky girl, and this is another piece of REAL jewelry I now own. Someday it’s all going to my rottwieler Oskar, anyhow. I mean Lillienne.
July is going to be GONGSHOW month for us with weddings, holidays, birthdays, BBQ’s and hopefully I will get to indulge in a few alcoholic beverages.
Dear tiny little blog, I am sorry for abandoning you, but there is something we dont usually see here called HOT WEATHER AND SUNSHINE and my skin is so white that if I do not participate in this lovely weather I will surely be classified as an albino and be conisdered as a side show act for the Saskatoon Exhibition.