Today we celebrated Lilys sixth birthday.

I can still remember the night she was born. After 19ish hours of labour. After tears. And sweat. And worry.

She was born. And she was ours.

Are there words to sum up Lilys personality? There are, but they don’t seem complex enough, they don’t give her justice. The kid is incredible. She reminds me of a comet speeding by. A laugh that starts deep in your belly and bubbles out the top of your head. She is a wild rose, a summers day, the sparkles on the most beautiful dress.

I cannot believe she is six.

She is perceptive yet dreamy. Generous yet more stubborn than anyone I know. She is artistic, musical, whimsical and theatrical. Lily is that one kid who stands out without meaning too. That one kid who makes you roll your eyes, laugh out loud, or cover your mouth. She has no filter, there’s no end to her truth, to her beautiful, outrageous, simple innocence.

She is our rainbow, our dark and stormy sky, our orchestra. A one woman circus, complete with acrobats, wild horses, sweet sugary candy and dizzying rides.

And after the circus is over, she’s a stand up comedian, the one who makes you cry with laughter.

When the comedian leaves the stage, she snuggles up to me at night before bed and we pray about how lucky we are to be together.

We are so lucky, so blessed, so in love with this kid.

Happy sixth birthday, Lily.

Never be anyone except yourself.