Party of five. 

Our son Sam was born on May 6th. He was a planned cesarean, due to arrive May 11th, but I went into labour on my own and he came a few days earlier than expected. 

My mom came and stayed with the girls while Dustin and I stayed in the hospital for a couple nights with our new son. It was a whirlwind, and although we considered ourselves “old pros”, everything was new again. Omg, Dustin, is there blood on the butt of my hospital gown?  Why is Sam crying again, I just fed him? Did we really just have another baby? Can we order Pizza Hut? 

The BEST part about our hospital stay this time around (besides having Sam, of course) was having our daughters see Sam for the first time. Lily, six years older than her newest sibling, dove right in. “Can I hold him/feed him/put nail polish on him?”  Phoebe, on the other hand, was very quiet, and was likely plotting a level two terrorist attack. She has been a little difficult since Sam was born (expected) but she is definitely coming around, and seems to love him very much. She’s only asked to take him back to the hospital once. We did not indulge her. 

Having three kids is crazy. Completely, utterly, crazy. Crazy tears, crazy meltdowns, crazy mealtimes. Crazy leaving the house. Crazy car rides, crazy sleep patterns, crazy parents. It’s a crazy train of diapers, school lunches, tangles, tiaras, marathon nursing sessions, spilled juice, dirty floors, Lego, half eaten tomatoes in your toddlers bed and endless laundry. 

We are so blessed and incredibly thankful for these three yahoos. 



Today we celebrated Lilys sixth birthday.

I can still remember the night she was born. After 19ish hours of labour. After tears. And sweat. And worry.

She was born. And she was ours.

Are there words to sum up Lilys personality? There are, but they don’t seem complex enough, they don’t give her justice. The kid is incredible. She reminds me of a comet speeding by. A laugh that starts deep in your belly and bubbles out the top of your head. She is a wild rose, a summers day, the sparkles on the most beautiful dress.

I cannot believe she is six.

She is perceptive yet dreamy. Generous yet more stubborn than anyone I know. She is artistic, musical, whimsical and theatrical. Lily is that one kid who stands out without meaning too. That one kid who makes you roll your eyes, laugh out loud, or cover your mouth. She has no filter, there’s no end to her truth, to her beautiful, outrageous, simple innocence.

She is our rainbow, our dark and stormy sky, our orchestra. A one woman circus, complete with acrobats, wild horses, sweet sugary candy and dizzying rides.

And after the circus is over, she’s a stand up comedian, the one who makes you cry with laughter.

When the comedian leaves the stage, she snuggles up to me at night before bed and we pray about how lucky we are to be together.

We are so lucky, so blessed, so in love with this kid.

Happy sixth birthday, Lily.

Never be anyone except yourself.


Update time.

I haven’t written in so long, this blog doesn’t even seem like it’s mine anymore. It belongs to someone who has more time to write, to post funny things, to share thoughts and feelings, to share photos of her kids.

I do have time. But now I use that time to be horizontal and grow a human. Or do the never ending laundry. Or feed my kids. Or sleep. Or zone out on Netflix because sometimes, thinking hurts and I’m too exhausted to do anything else except marathon watch some shitty show (Not you, Downton Abbey. I still love you).

I’m 26 weeks into my third pregnancy. And our daughters? Our girls are huge. Beautiful. Amazing.

Lily will be six next month. She’s playing hockey, loving kindergarten, and is a huge help to me. She’s doing chores, earning her keep and we’re learning about saving money. She’s writing and drawing and busy being an artist. I need to write more about her.

Phoebe is two and a half and there never was a kid like her. Her smile is like the sun, she’s got the best sense of humour and she idols her sister in the most amazing way. But of course she does, my kids are too legit to quit. I need to write more about her.

So much has changed since I’ve last written. We’ve moved. We’ve built a home. I went back to work. We became pregnant again (there’s not much else to do in this town). We’ve done a lot. And learned a lot. And laughed a lot. We have all changed a little, or a lot. I need to write more about that.

Our BABY BOY will be here in three months. I still can’t believe it. We’re having a baby boy. I love my girls to the moon and back (too legit to quit, remember?) but I’m not afraid to admit I’ve always pictured myself with a son. I wasn’t sure if it would happen. Now he’s on his way. We are all thrilled. I need to write more about that.

Hopefully I will.

Top Ten Pregnancy Must Haves


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There are certain things about pregnancy that are not always fantastic. Like gaining 60 lbs, varicose veins, insomnia, acne, hair loss, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, restless legs, constant vomiting, bitchiness, etc (Hope I scared the shit out of all of you first time moms in your first trimester!).

BUT! I have found there are some things that make pregnancy a bit easier. I’ve had like 8/10 of those awesome symptoms listed above, and there are a few pregnancy indulges/must haves that made the not-so-great parts of pregnancy a little easier, more comfortable, and less IM GOING TO RIP YOUR AORTA OUT.

The Top Ten Pregnancy Must Haves …..(Or ten things you should indulge yourself in while pregnant)

10. Baths.
You must have baths (or showers) regardless to be a civilized member of society, but during pregnancy, you should have more baths. You should go buy some fancy bubble bath (and supervise your child at all times so when you go get something in the next room you don’t come back to find it has been emptied into the bath tub so someone can wash her My Little Ponies {LILY}) and get some candles and have a bubble bath everyday. Sometimes my restless legs are so bad I have to sit in a warm bath 3 times a day. It helps loads. Also, I get to escape Max and Ruby and or boxing/whatever dude show is on tv at the time for a while.

9. Access to Pregnancy Apps.
During my times of insomnia, I will open my pregnancy apps on my iPhone and lose myself in the information, drama, hilarity and nonsense of a couple of my favourite pregnancy apps. My absolute favourite is Baby Bump and the Community Forums feature. Sure, some of the women on there are catty as H E double hockey sticks, but it can and will provide hours of entertainment. You can join a group with other expecting moms who are due to have their babies at the same time as you, or you can browse through groups such as Rants and Raves, Nursery Ideas, or General Pregnancy. Theres also day-to-day info on baby’s growth, a place to keep track of your bump photos, contraction timers and other preg stuff. Other awesome apps to search for in the app store are: Baby Center: My Pregnancy Today, Pregnancy Buzz by The Bump and Pregnancy Tracker.

8. Maternity Clothes You Actually Like.
Your cousin Brenda gave you a box of maternity clothes. Awesome! Except that nobody wears mumu’s anymore, and that red and white striped turtleneck is going to make you look like a giant-sized Tumorous Candy Cane.
Invest in a few pieces that you absolutely love. A few pairs of maternity jeans, maybe some black leggings, and some tank tops and shirts (depending on what season it is). Also, maternity clothes that are specifically maternity clothes are a GIANT rip off. Especially the shirts. Go up a few sizes bigger than your normal size instead. Leggings and long tops were a lifesaver for me.

7. Documentation
Take photos of yourself and your bump! Start a scrapbook, a journal, a blog, whatever. It’s important to document this short-lived but amazing time in your life. It doesn’t matter how gross or beautiful you feel during your pregnancy – you’re going to look back and think HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT ME! With my first, I took photos of myself at every few weeks and incorporated them into Lily’s scrapbook. With this pregnancy, I’ve been doing it every month or so, but the point is, the belly photos are there. It’s a big milestone; record it. Whether to be blasted on the internet, safely tucked away in a baby book, or locked up in a safe somewhere. Pregnancy rocks. For the most part. And if you can, hook yourself up with a professional maternity photo shoot.

Ok, I’m a total shoe whore, but you must have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear. Your feet may get swollen and sore a lot quicker than your non pregnant feet. If its winter, get some good, comfortable boots with good grip on the bottom. If it’s summer, find a good pair of flats with arch support. Or if you’re like me and live in flip-flops from March-October, get some new flip-flops. Dont wear last years beat-up pair.

5. Books
Trashy novels for the hour wait before you get in to see your OB. Books for car rides to keep your mind off of your overflowing bladder. Pregnancy books. Child birthing books. Breastfeeding books. Borrow, buy, or loan from the library. Be informed. Or just buy yourself a Cosmo or Vogue or InStyle whenever you grow grocery shopping. You’ve earned it. You’re growing a human.

4. Pedicure
If you have ticklish feet like me, a pedicure can be torture. I plan on sucking it up in a week or so and going for one, however. I want nice, soft, painted toes while I am in the hospital after I give birth, when I look and feel like shit. If you can’t afford a pedicure, get your husband/boyfriend/sister/man living in your alley to paint your toes if you’re no longer able to reach them.

3. Yummy Coffee.
If you’re not a coffee drinker, this won’t pertain to you. Also, how do you function without coffee? Please email me and inform me. In ALL of my baby books, they say having one to two cups of coffee per day is totally fine. So go ahead and have a fancy Mocha Coconut Frappucino from Starbucks (i die, i die..) or a Tim Hortons Vanilla Latte, or whatever your poison is. GO FOR IT. Bottoms up.

2. Accessories
Accessories like necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be a pregnant gals best friend. I know sometimes when I am wearing the same leggings and tank tops over and over, a new necklace or earrings can make me feel a little more confident and less “I feel like I swallowed a Butterball Turkey!” They don’t have to be extravagant at all (Many shops have constant 2 for 1 sales on accessories), but sometimes just wearing something new can distract you from the fact that you’re feeling guilty you just ate two bagels and a half bag of Doritos for lunch, and your friends are rocking skinny jeans and flat stomachs. Those hussies.

1. Body pillows
This is the ultimate pregnancy indulgence. The MUST HAVE ITEM ABOVE ALL OF THE MUST HAVE ITEMS. I don’t know how I would ever manage my fifteen minutes of sleep a night without my body pillow. There are fancy pillows marketed just as maternity pillows, but a fifteen dollar body pillow from Jysk or Wal-Mart can do the same thing. It’s awesome support between your legs while you cuddle up to the top half. It’s basically my best friend and my husband is pretty much counting down the days until it’s not in our bed anymore. It does take up a tad bit of room, but it’s magical, and it’s worth it.