I’ve just started my 38th week. Which
means the end is near. Which is great because I’d like to get back to some sense of normalcy (sleeping, no heart burn, no pain, not being as round as a balloon) although I realize a new “normalcy” will be knocking on my door soon (post partum c section recovery, having two children, the stomach like a ball of warm dough, sleeping even less and at random times…)

Also, we are fairly certain we are done having children after this one is born. I say that in italics like this because although I agree with Dustin and only having two kids, on another level I’m all boo hoo this is it, I’ll never have another baby etc etc etc.

It’s kind of sad. It’s sad to think I won’t be pregnant again, that we won’t procreate any more, and that there could be like, the next Justin Beiber or Hollywood Kid waiting to emerge from my uterus and pay our retirement bills, but I think two is our number. And that’s not to say the two kids we will have wont have AMAZING SUCCESS, because obviously, look who their mother is. A nobody who will blog about them until they plead for me to delete everything. An amazing woman.

Anyway. 38 weeks and I’m having lots of contractions (still) and back pain (still) although nothing consistent (lame). But I understand the baby needs to cook and develop its lungs more so it can properly shriek and make its presence known at 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 am.

I have another baby dr appointment this week and even though I am having a scheduled c section, I’m going to ask her to check me for dilation. For fun. Because there is nothing more fun than having something inside of your crotch, am I right ladies, or am I right?

Actually I’ve just been having stabbing pains in my crotch and read that I could be dilating, so I’m curious. Not that it matters because this kid is suppose to be exiting my body thru an incision rather than my lady bits. But I’m interested. Leave me alone.