I’ve decided to take the plunge and switch to self hosting. I’ve chosen a host and my next step is to transfer all my blog junk to WordPress.org through my new host. I’m not the most technological person but hopefully this wont be too painful. After all, I’ve googled how to do it, which basically means I’m now a professional tech person. Obviously.

Plus, I’ll own this bitch. Like a boss.

I’ve read that my blog subscribers won’t make the transition with me. I’m not sure if that means my little “follow me” widget won’t make the move with me or what, so for the few people who do, please make sure you figure out how to re subscribe and I’ll try to figure out how to let you re subscribe. Also, my domain name wont be changing, I’ll still be at parentingwithpinot.com.

So look a sister up, yo.

I’m hoping with this self hosting gig I can do more things with this blog, take my writing a little more seriously and spread my wings and fly. Or maybe perhaps start selling an ad space or two and make my millions. Whichever, whatever.

I’m going hoping this transition will be seamless, easy and awesome!