Dinner out with the grandparents. Lily’s meal came with this dry ice ice cream treat. Next time, I’m totally ordering the kids meal.


Lily and George, attempting to keep cool in the heat. Poor George is not a summer-ish type of dog.


We went to East Side Mario’s because I didn’t feel like cooking, and I wanted All You Can Eat Garlic Bread. You better believe I got my $$$’s worth.


See where the kind of straight line is in the hose, about two thirds way down in the photo? There used to be a rock bed with a pine tree there. Since we are not rock bed people, my husband took it all out and we put down sod. There was also a multitude of weeds and undeterminable plants under the garage windows. We took those out too because we would rather drink beer than weed the yard. Next summer? First Annual Slip and Slide Championship. Bring Your Own Bathtub Of Booze.


Lily in her pool at Grandma’s house.


My dining room. I want to paint it. Color suggestions? I took this because I cleaned my dining room and this photo makes me happy because it’s clean. Which won’t last long.