I just completed 36 weeks and started my 37th.

We are going to go ahead with a scheduled c section. I’ve decided not to try for a VBAC as per my obstetricians advice since going over my previous labour history.

We have our date and it’s pretty surreal to know when this baby will be born, unless i go into labour early, in which case they will still do a c section. We are getting down to having this baby in a couple weeks and pretty soon it will be a few days and then we will be a family of FOUR and I’m apt to shit myself then. A family of four!!!

Baby is growing great and I’m measuring right where I should be. To date, I have gained 23 pounds. I am officially exactly what I weighed the day I was induced with Lily. I am hoping not to gain too much more but I won’t be heartbroken if I do, because someone has to eat those bagels and cookies in the pantry.

This little baby is running out of room and lately the kicks and jabs hurt. Like I stop whatever I am doing and go AHH! Once it felt like the baby had a sharp little knife and was doing his own c section from the inside out. It’s getting painful and although I know I’ll miss feeling my baby from the inside, I am quite happy to know those painful movements will soon be over and I’ll be holding this little one in my arms instead of bracing myself for its ninja kicks.

Yesterday was a fun filled day. After waking up in the night with painful contractions, I had bad lower back pain for the majority of the day. I contemplated going into Labour and Delivery but I just called there instead. They told me to get in a warm tub (I was already in the tub- I live there now) and take Tylenol. I felt a bit better, had a nap and woke up with most of the pain gone. Pregnancy can be so confusing, towards the end you don’t know if you’re coming or going, if it’s labour or the baby being a turd. Turns out: Turd.


Me at 36 weeks. My big white belly hasn’t seen the sun in a long time.