So, I’ve noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s probably because I’ve been busy eating and growing a human and getting larger by the minute. Also, I am exhausted, out of breath, and I have more pelvic pressure than Octomom the day before her induction. Seriously though, THE END IS NEAR and I am super glad!

Being 35 weeks pregnant is a lot different from whatI remember at 35 weeks pregnant with Lily. Or maybe it’s the same, I don’t know. I can’t be bothered to go back that far in this blog. That sounds way too tiring, and I am already tired. Have I mentioned the tiredness?

I’ve been experiencing pelvic pressure for quite a few weeks now. Especially when I’ve been sitting down for a while and then I stand up. It feels like there is a watermelon descending from my crotch ready to plop out. The feeling goes away/I get used to it but woah. Baby is low.

I also have wonderful crotch pain in the middle of the night (still) that I’ve had for quite some time. It makes getting out of bed to go pee 10 times a night that much more exciting. There are crackles and pops coming from places that probably shouldn’t crackle and pop. All we need is a SNAP and we’d have ourselves some Rice Krispies.

Getting comfortable at night is also a challenge. I was the worlds biggest tummy sleeper and now it’s like WTF I have to sleep on my sides ALL NIGHT? Lame..
I woke up this morning from a deep sleep. On my tummy. My poor baby. Hopefully it doesn’t come out looking like a pancake. And if it does, HELLO IHOP Spokesbaby.

The nursery is just about ready.

The bottles are washed and ready to hopefully only be used when I pump out TONS of breast milk THAT I WILL MAKE BECAUSE ILL BE BREASTFEEDING THIS TIME and Daddy can do some night feedings.

The champagne and wine and vodka is chilling in the fridge because I WILL be having one drink a day to celebrate the fact that I can have one drink a day. Don’t judge, I’ve done my research, Dr Google says BOTTOMS UP,  and having one drink a day will be IMPERATIVE to everyone’s life around here.

The baby clothes are washed, folded, put away and ready to be shat, started and barfed upon.

Lily has been briefed on the whole “You’ve had a good run, now we’re having another baby” thing,  and she is expecting her “sisterbrother” to stay to F away from her My Little Ponies. I think were good in that respect for a few months.

We are so, so, so excited. Mostly terrified to have TWO children, but excited.