This past week has been great. We went to see Dustin’s family on the weekend and it’s amazing seeing how fast my nieces and nephew grow, sadly we only see them once a month or so.

Plus, visiting them means COUSINS TO PLAY WITH for Lily, so I got in some much loved sleep and laziness. Plus plus, I didn’t have to cook for three days. It was basically AWESOME.

So I’m in my 23rd week and I’m still feeling really good. We need to put the nursery back together soon but we still have a dresser to sand and paint as well as put up the decals on the walls. Tonight I may go fabric shopping to find some material to cover my Ikea poang chair with. Its old and the cream colored pad has seen better days, but the chair is amazingly comfortable. It doesn’t rock but it bounces, and when Lily was born, whoever was feeding her got to sit in that chair because everyone knows YOU DO NOT STOP MOVING WHEN HOLDING A NEWBORN, YOU IDIOT.

I went to a breast feeding class last night and I’m super pumped to breast feed this time around. With Lily, I was very stressed at the beginning and sorry as I am to say it, I gave up within a week. I was frustrated because my milk never came in until she was over a week old and I was like “Screw this, where’s the friggin Similac.”. Also, I was very uneducated about breast feeding and didnt exactly have the support I should have in the hospital. This time I’m going to do everything in my power to get my milk to come in faster if I do have a repeat c section. I’ve bought some wonderful nipple butter as recommended by Michelle Duggar my sister in law, and a nursing wrap, have a pump lined up, and will be taking a few more breast feeding classes before this baby is born. My breasts and I have also had long talks and I’ve told them they better listen up, this shits for real, yo, so heads up, you WILL provide.

Week 23 has been good to me. I still have energy to do most things and I’m still eating like a mofo. I don’t think I have any new cravings, although we are out of bagels and I kind of got teary eyed this afternoon when I went to eat one and there were none.

Feel free to send me bagels, photos of bagels, bagel sandwich creations, hats made of bagels, whatever. Bagels rule. Don’t act like they don’t.