I’ve been doing Jedi mind tricks lately. Finding the exact items for the nursery which I have imagined finding. It’s all coming together and I can’t wait to set everything up. I am still waiting for the new baseboards to go in, and we still need to paint. Hopefully this will be done within the next couple weeks.

This week baby is as long as a banana. Again with the fruit references, but whatevs. Let’s call it the length of a subway sandwich footlong with three bites out of it. Because right now, carbs and I? BFF.

This week I have been craving : raisin bran cereal, bagels, chips, oranges and spinach salads. Oh and some really healthy stuff as well, like Popsicles and more Popsicles.

How I feel at 21 weeks : Great, but tired. Those &@@!!?”$ restless legs are back with a vengeance, so I’ve been soaking in the tub even more, if that’s possible. I’ve also been having headaches the past few days which I’ve heard is a possible sign of dehydration, so I’ve decided to drink more beer.

That’s a joke, homies. But I would absolutely love a cold beer. Right now.

My belly is growing. Obviously. But it’s really growing. Sometimes I feel way too large. And other times I totally dress to show off my bump, like “Hey everyone, check this out! Do stuff for me! Make me a toasted bagel!”

Did I mention my three year old is not only potty trained and napping in her own bed, but she is going to bed by herself and sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT in her OWN BED? I feel like I should have multiple beers to celebrate those things. But for now, I will settle for Popsicles for me, and Kinder Surprises for her. By the time this baby is born she will be making supper, doing laundry, walking the dog and making homemade wine in the basement.

Because that’s why we all have children, am I right?


Ok, fine. But she can at least learn to wipe her own face.