I remember during the last few weeks of being pregnant with my daughter was when the nesting began. I recall scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors on my hands and knees. Cleaning every available surface with bleach. Going shopping to fill the freezer with frozen meals.

I’m not sure what’s going on lately, but it’s too early to be nesting, so let’s call it pre nesting.

Yesterday I tackled the overflowing pile of my clean laundry that needed to be put away. I cleaned out my closets, organized my handbags, sorted out clothes to donate. Then I did four loads of laundry, including a load of neutral newborn clothes which I folded and stored away in a Rubbermaid bin.

Today? I cleaned the entire house. More laundry. Sorted through Lilys clothes from 0-24 months. Cleaned out Lilys closet. Did more laundry. Cleaned and organized the spice and baking cabinets. Cleaned and organized the shelves above the fridge and the pile of junk that was accumulating on to of the fridge.

After all this, i am looking around my house, itching for something to do. If Dustin hadn’t taken the car to work, I would have gone to Home Depot, bought some paint and primer and painted the nursery and an old dresser. And painted a stool I found Inge basement, for Lily to stand on to brush her teeth. And then I would have DIED because my back is already killing me.

I settled for a warm bath and pasta with tomato alfredo and parmesan instead.

Happy OCD pregnant lady day, everyone.