All of a sudden, this baby is making itself known. At any given time, I can lay down, put my hand on my expanding ball of dough I call a stomach, and witness interior baby Olympics.

It is the best feeling ever.

Besides digging in your ear with a q tip, or finding the last pair of shoes on sale is in your size.

It was only a few weeks ago, maybe four, that I figured that because this is my second baby I should be feeling movements by then. One night I was all “This is all wrong, those hoochies on Yahoo! Answers all say they felt their second baby at like three weeks. I’m going to feel my baby TONIGHT, damn it.”

Do you know what I did to try to feel my belly child?

I drank a glass of ice water. Then a glass of root beer. Then i ate two spices of lemon meringue pie. Then I ate two chocolate dipped granola bars. And I lay on my couch for n hour thinking every little feeling was the baby, when infact I would just fart three seconds later…..

Be patient, my pregnant amigos.

It is so worth it.

PS- my baby gets jacked up when I eat Popsicles. I might eat them all day twice a day often after a massive salad.