So the little one growing in my lady bits is apparently the size of an heirloom tomato. Why do all the baby countdown things refer to the size of your unborn children as fruits or vegetables? I think it would be a lot more entertaining to say “This week, your baby is the size of an average Chanel evening clutch.” Or perhaps “Your child is the size of a bottle of beer. Man, I bet you miss beer, hey?!”

I miss beer. And Cesar’s. And wine. And champagne. Sigh.

So I am 19 weeks now, almost 20 weeks actually, and. Early half way into this pregnancy. I’m feeling really good, still starving and eating everything in sight even though apparently I’ve only gained 2 pounds this whole pregnancy. But let’s not forget i lost nearly 15 from the super awesome morning sickness I experienced every waking minute for the first 3 months.

We are going to start cleaning out the nursery to get things going for the baby. Since a few weeks before Christmas it has turned into a storage room, but I really would like to get it all sorted out while I still have some energy and don’t feel like I swallowed a watermelon. Or a large sized Chanel tote.

And omg everyone, was I the last person in the world to join pinterest? Why is it so addicting? Thanks to pinterest my husband has a to do list nearly six pages long and all of it must be done immediately. However, he continues to lay on the couch on his days off, glancing at the ideas I show him with nothing more than an appreciative “Thats nice.”

Hit me up on pinterest. My username is stelliott. I’ll follow you back and most likely steal all of your ideas. Also if you are super lame like I once was and need an invite to join (you need an invite to join, or wait a few weeks until your government spies on you for a bit and deems you acceptable) email me and I’ll send you one. You can find my email under “contact”.

PS. I’m finally starting to feel my average sized Chanel evening clutch almost consistently. Screw you, anterioir placentas. Losers.