I’m in my 18th week now, and the little bean is about five and a half inches long.

With Lily, I felt movement at about 17 weeks. And apparently with your second baby, you start to feel movement earlier. And in a way, I have. But I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta is growing in front of the baby, instead of behind it. Which means I have only felt little bean about three times in the past four weeks, because my big old placenta is blocking all the movement.
This week has brought on some new cravings. Grapefruit (which gives me 100% of my vitamin c intake if I eat a whole one) and everything bagels with cheese (Carbs, please. Bring on the carbs).

I’m sleeping more soundly and falling asleep easier. The restless leg thing isn’t nearly as awful as before, but I’ve started using a tiny bit of deep cold gel on my legs when it flares up so I can fall asleep instead of wrestling with the blankets until four am. Because that sucks BALLS.

Ultrasound tomorrow!