LET IT BE KNOWN that on this day, Sunday, February 5th 2012, I said EFF THIS. No more diapers. This is getting out of hand. We are starting potty training TODAY and we are going to be to SERIOUS about it.

Lily turns 3 in less than two weeks. And she has had zero interest in the potty. When I asked her before why doesn’t she want to use the potty, her words were “I’m sick of dat ting”. 2ven though she had never really tried to go on it, which is mainly because we figured she would go when she is ready. I didn’t want to traumatize her or anything, so I let it go.

But guess what? There will be another baby here in 5 months. A baby that will require a lot of my attention. A baby that will need endless diaper changes a day. A few less diapers would mean AWESOMENESS with two kids. Plus, she’s almost three. I’m pretty sure it was time. And it was. IT IS. Because do you know what happened today?

She went pee on the potty. And then she went again. And then she went poop. And then we had a nap, and she didn’t pee all over the bed like I feared. And then she woke up and went pee. And then I had a quick bath (leaving the door open so she was free to run in every three seconds) and she went on the potty again. All. By. Her. Self.

I am so proud of my stubborn little gal who knew deep down she was ready, but needed a lot of persuasion, hugs, cheering, and m&m’s for her to go on the potty.

The excitement of a mother….