Guess what?

The INSANE morning sickness is gone. I’ve been taking two diclectin a day. Sometimes zero. ZERO. That’s NO pills. Isn’t it amazing? I feel like twirling around with ribbons and sparklers.

But I’m still exhausted most of the time.

Our Christmas was wonderful. I hosted Christmas dinner for my family, and it was nice to be with everyone. Lily cleaned house and now has enough presents and clothes to last a long, long, time. I’ve put over half away to bust out periodically throughout the year because seriously, she doesn’t need six 5000 piece puzzles at once.

Yesterday, I cleaned my house, did four loads of laundry, and cleaned out my fridge and bleached it. I haven’t done that much work in about 12 weeks, and today my thigh muscles are on fire. Which is why today I’m blogging from the couch while Lily and I watch Tangled, feasting on Goldfish crackers.

Here’s our family recap of 2011:

We got engaged (xmas 2010 to be fair)
My bff had a baby
My bff got engaged
We bought a house
We finished the basement of our house
We bought a st bernard puppy (who is now a horse)
I planted my first garden
We planned a wedding
We bought a monster truck (seriously dustin, its gotta go)
My other bff became pregnant
We got married
We had a fab honeymoon
My sister got engaged
I became pregnant

2012, You have some big shoes to fill.
Happy New Year, everyone!