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I am fortunate enough to not lack very many things. Although I seriously need/want some type of shoe cupboard/storage-closet-with-spot-lights/shoe room. But that can be done later when all the childrens is grown. I can’t wait to knock those bad-boy walls down and build my empire. Please note, YES, I will also be hosting tea parties and shoe-show-and-tell in my new shoe room. Hit me up in 15 years and we will totally hang out and talk shoes.

Um, anyways. Back to my original thought. We have all the necessities a person needs to live. And we have several things that we don’t need, but are certainly awesome to have. But I have noticed a few things I would like to have. TEN, to be exact, will I will now blog about.

Right now.

Number TEN! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

SHELVES! I need more shelves! There are books everywhere in this house. There are books under the bathroom sink. For real real. “Seriously..” you’re thinking, “WTF??”. WTF IS RIGHT. I want this place organized so I can find that Cosmo magazine from 2004 when I need it, damn it. Obviously this is NOT a romantic holiday gift but I am okay with that because cleanliness and organization leads to LESS cleaning, which I hate a lot.  And my bookshelves would not be as high as the one in the picture, so I wouldn’t need a ladder. Because ladders+children (probably) = many trips to ER.

Number NINE! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

Am I the only person who doesnt have one of these? Why was I too lazy/too busy to remember to register for gifts at my wedding? No wonder Dustin says I am a horrible baker. “You cook honey, you DO NOT bake.”  I don’t even think he was stating a fact so much as making a DEMAND when he said that, but clearly this problem stems from not having one of these things. I love this yellow. It’s like it’s going to turn into a TRANSFORMER any minute and clean the shit out of my oven after it’s done mixin’ my fixin’s.

Number EIGHT! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

I have minimal cupboard space in my kitchen. I also have one wall with a big double window that is completely bare with no cabinets, and WHEN we redo the cabinets someday, I’d like to have what is going on in this photo, going on in my kitchen. I’ve always liked pot racks, and they totally make you look like an awesome cook. But remember that part in Paranormal Activity 2? Yeah. I’d lie awake waiting for that to happen every night.

Number SEVEN! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

Number SIX! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

GUESS wallet to match my handbag. Seriously, you guys wouldn’t believe the looks I get about my non matching accessories. It is a cruel world…. Tear. I’m scared to leave the house most days.

Number FIVE! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

Snooki Shades. Because really, when I’m driving or walking around, I’d like to see as little as possible. Seriously though, I think they would be cute for a Halloween costume next year. All I would need to do is poof my hair, wear these, and color myself with an orange smelly marker.
Simple. Done. Glamorous.

Number FOUR! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

Lots of cute pyjamas that don’t make me look like one of the dudes off Bananas in Pyjamas. And I don’t mean sexy pyjamas, because really…come on. I want like cute cotton polka dot pants with cute tops. Things that if I wear all day, Dustin thinks “OMG too cute, look at her in her sweet little pj’s!” other than saying “You havent even gone outside today, have you?”

Number THREE! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

What? How did that get uploaded? Weird.

Number TWO! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

I have been wanting one of these FOREVER but they are always sold out when I go to buy one!

Number ONE! of Top 10 Things I want For Christmas:

Dudes, we’re trying.  Just throwing that out there.