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Lately, Lily has these meltdowns. Like if you give her a pink spoon and she wants the purple one, you better sleep with one mofo eye open.

They come on full force with absolutely NO warning. And I should get a fair warning, I should have time to do a couple shooters of cherry vodka, grab some ear plugs and a handful of her favourite snacks before she unleashes her wrath of fury upon me.

She broke down today when I put her supper on the table infront of her. I know, I know, HOW DARE I FEED HER. But I have to feed her, or else Child Protection Services will show up.
She didn’t want to eat. So she screamed for half an hour straight, and Dustin and I tried to ignore the blood pouring from our ears and attempt to eat our supper. There was no consoling her, every word that tumbled from our lips was making the situation worse. Sigh. I wish I could make things instantly better for her, take away her tears and frustration, but I also know she needs to work through her feelings on her own and learn how to express what she is feeling…but not with screams that make my skin crawl.

The other day she went ape because she didn’t have any purple pants. And the day before that, she freaked out because I wouldn’t let her go outside without clothes on. July? Acceptable. Beginning of winter? Not so much.

I remember when she was born and the bad days were BAD DAYS. And I remember thinking “If I can get through these first few months, it’ll get easier. This is the hardest part because she can’t communicate.” Plus, I was a rookie. I wasn’t a seasoned parent like I am now… Ha ha.

That was a joke.

But guess what? It doesn’t get easier. It gets different. We are at a whole new level now. Its a whole new ball game and the umpire is three feet tall and as demanding as Naomi Campbell on a good day. Trying to get her to communicate her feelings and explain to me what she is thinking is like grinding a screwdriver into my ear canal and sometimes I feel completely helpless and useless. We are trying to understand when, how and why she gets frustrated and do our best to get through her tantrums or avoid them all together, to help her calm down and relax, to talk it out and let her know its ok to feel angry or sad or mad, but we need to take it down a notch. Like from muderous screaming to tolerable hollering.

I know this is just a phase and most toddlers and parents go through this. How do you cope with the daily scream sessions? Do you have any tips or advice, any OMG AWESOME books that have helped you? Or do I just brush it off as “The Terrible Twos” and PRAY for sanity?