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In anticipation in turning the last available upstairs bedroom into a one-day baby room, I moved my office downstairs. Its not as SAW2 down there anymore with the walls up and painted, and new flooring and lights.

Plus, the one-day baby room is super small and now my office is super huge. No brainer.

We are slowly trying to make the whole downstairs family friendly, less “Come downstairs to do the laundry with me – I heard chains rattling and someone whispering “Letssss playyyy” down there last week.”
So I went down there with a huge ass box of Lilys books and scattered them errrrverywhere, adding goldfish crackers and missing puzzle pieces to the mix periodically.

Done. Family friendly “downstairs” where I can work in a space bigger than my closet, and Lily can play with the hammer Dustin left out and take chunks out of the walls.

PS, I’m living with the Dad of the Year Nominee.

PPS: Behold my new behemoth desk. Heart!!!