I Love Food.

Sometimes I meal plan, sometimes I dont. I find that if I meal plan and go out and buy all the ingredients to make said meals, I’ll actually cook. And Dustin and Lily enjoy eating, so meal planning is usually a good idea. I have about five weeks of planned meals written out and saved in my recipe binder complete with ingredient shopping lists, but I decided to plan out a new week with new recipes I searched for. Yum.

Day 1 – Roasted Vegetable Soup with Grilled Cheese
Day 2 – Coconut & Beef Curry with noodles
Day 3 – Vegetable Lasagna (You know, like Elaine’s friend)
Day 4 – 3 Cheese pizza with pancetta and mushrooms
Day 5 – Peach laquered chicken wings
Day 6 – Chicken Parmigiana
Day 7 – Chunky potato & dill soup with garlic bread
Day 8 – Cherry tomato margherita pizza