OMG, you guys. OMG.
I forgot to tell you some friggin Earth shattering news.
No, I still can’t believe its not butter, but that’s not it.
While D’s mom was watching Lily on our honeymoon, Lily broke her soother clip. So she threw it away.
(I probably would have…)

We have a sootherless two and a half year old. Its still hard for me to comprehend because this kid was so fucking dependant on her sucky that I was certain she would be on her first date at age 16 with a soother hanging off her jacket.
Nearly all of the photos we have of Lily up to this point include a soother in them, and its strange to see her without it.
And guess what else?
She can talk. Ok, I knew she could talk, but I mean without her soother, SHE CAN REALLY TALK. Suddenly she doesn’t have a plug in her mouth, so she no longer grunts, but now uses 658963 sentences to describe her every move, feeling, and thought.

I’m so proud of her for kicking the habit.

You go, girl.