We recently bought a king size bed, because we were sleeping in a double and on more than one occassion I woke up with Lilys foot half way up my bum.
And then I’d get a elbow in the eyeball.
Or a fist in the throat.

The other night, I woke up to find Dustin sleeping on the very edge of his side of the bed.
I was crushed up against the wall.
Lily was passed out, sleeping perfectly horizontal, spread out like a starfish.

I went and slept in Lilys bedroom in her double bed. The bed that she never uses.

Do they make beds bigger than a king? Or do I need to start enforcing the terrorist to sleep in her own bed?

I think I know the answer.

Rihanna wrote a song about it. Where the f do I get a California King bed? Is that some kind of Hollywood thing? I hope the bed comes stuffed with cocaine.