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1. This brings poofy shoulders/sleeves to a whole new level. That’s probably where she hides her shanks. And lipgloss.

2. I don’t get these dresses. What’s with the short hemlines in the front? It looks like you need to vent your vag.

3. I guess this isn’t too bad. For a hooker. I feel sorry for her mother in law.

4.This is just wrong on so many levels.

5. Dude, she better be studying the FUCK out of her Farmer’s Almanac and PRAYING for a day that isnt windy.

6.This dress was also used in the Underground Railroad. True story.

7.This looks very cozy, and especially easy to walk in after 3 bottles of wine.

8.Is her wedding gown part of a mattress, or what is going on here? Also, her bridesmaids reminds me of Misty Mints. Mmm.

10. No comment. But if i did have one, it would involve a tampon and a vagina.