Ten years ago today.

I was 18, living at home with my mom and sister. What happened that day changed so many lives, and we were not unaffected. My mom was let go from her job with a small-ish airline company. She moved to a small town in Alberta with my sister and I didn’t’ want to go, so instead I moved in with my at-the-time boyfriend.

I remember my sister charging in to my room that morning yelling “There are planes flying into building in the states!”, and we went upstairs and stared at the tv for the rest of the day in a state of shock, awe, terror and confusion.

I couldn’t believe that the footage was real and all of this was happening and the day kept getting more devastating and unimaginable. I remember feeling terrified for my safety and friends and family and the whole world but also incredible sadness as to the lives that were lost, the people who were affected, a city, a state, a county, a continent,  that was devastated.

That evening we went out for dinner as it was my Mom’s birthday. I remember going and trying to have a sense of normalcy but it wasn’t normal. Our lives were changing that minute and there are so many people who have been directly and indirectly affected by September 11th, and whose lives always will be. The term “September 11th” means tragedy, despair, pain and terror to most everyone.

This morning, a little boy in south-eastern British Columbia was returned to his home after being kidnapped for 5 days. This morning he was brought back to his family after tragedy, despair, pain, and terror. What an AMAZING day for this little boy and his family, and the community, the province, the country, the continent, the world.