Is there anything better than a new book? Besides new shoes?

The answer is, No. Obviously.

I bought three new books and I am super excited to read them. Reading is my BFF, and whenever I get a new book it feels a little bit like Christmas morning, except I’m not broke or hung over.

I threw them in the cart telling Dustin “For our honeymoon…” when really it was because the fresh, new, unread pages smelled like crack cocaine, and I’m running out of bubble bath reading material.

And really. Reading on a honeymoon? I’ll be wayyyyyyy to drunk to do any reading, other than scanning liquor menus.

I bought The Hunger Games, Water For Elephants, and The Help.

I just finished The Kid by Sapphire and I have to say, um, Holy Shit, I wasn’t expecting Happily Ever After since she wrote Precious but I was so not prepared for The Kid.

What about you? Have you read any of the books listed here? Your thoughts? And seriously, I’ll probably have read all my new books before we even go on our honeymoon…what new books should I bring for realsies?

PS – Happy Birthday To My Mom! Can I borrow 200$ bucks?