This stupid cold won’t leave me the hell alone. I have no energy to do anything except lie on the couch and see what Alec Baldwin is up too on Twitter. Turns out….he’s not up to much.

From the coziness of my couch, I’ve been doing some last minute wedding planning and trying to also get some work done and also trying to keep Lily entertained, but I feel awful for her. She’s ready to run and jump and play and meanwhile, I’d cut off my left arm if someone would get me a glass of gingerale and two sleeping pills.

I’ve also been attempting to plan our honeymoon and I have to say that I am nearly equally as excited about our boozecation as the wedding. We haven’t been anywhere alone together since Lily was born and its time. Holy mother of everything that is holy, its time.

I’m going to miss Lily in amounts I cannot even describe and probably can’t even fathom yet, but I also miss time ALONE with the fiance.