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I feel sorry for new moms. They are made to think “If you don’t have this baby product, LOOK OUT!” You’re made to believe most products are a necessity and if you’re anything like me (?! twinsies) I have tried a lot of baby junk. We went through so many products, bought a lot of garbage that never worked, things that we never ended up using, etc. The following are just SOME products that are junk and not worth your $. Most I have tried, and some I just can’t believe that people pay money for. Save your $ for shoes for yourself and the kids clearance rack. In that order.

1. Bumbo!!! I know, right? Everyone is like omggg i loved my bumbo, my kid once sat in it for 43 hours.

This thing was a huge waste of 80$ for me,  including the dumb tray. Maybe the people who have normal kids who don’t move much use it a lot, but Lily liked it for about 2 days before she decided she didn’t like sitting in a bucket chair. She wiggled her way sideways arching her back and from then on we shoved it in a pile with the other useless baby junk storage closet. However we have had it out on loan before and other kids have liked it. I’d definitely say borrow this or buy one used.

2.  Infant Bath Tub Thing
I’m not entirely sure why we bought this as it did nothing but make SURE our baby was going to roll off of it. We stuck her in a little baby tub from day 1 and bathed her on the kitchen counter for a month or 2 before putting the tub inside of our big tub. Useless *&%$.

3. Wipes Warmer

?? What? When I first saw one of these my immediate reaction was the theme song from that show on MTV show “Sweet Sixteeeeeeeeeeeeeen.” Give me a break. Those stupid, spoiled children on that horrible show had mothers who used these things.


Which causes an automatic response of :

Seriously. Cut the cord, lady. Dont send him the message that Snuggies are cool.

5. Pee Tents

Ok, I don’t have a son, but I canot see myself ever using these things. If we did have a son and the kid was anything like Lily, first of all , it wouldn’t stay on. Secondly, it’s a pee tent. Really?