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So, were getting in married in less than a month. WTF, where did the time go. It seems like it was just like yesterday when I held D down with a taser gun and said “MAKE ME AN HONEST WOMAN, SO HELP ME. OR ILL WHINE FOR ANOTHER FIVE YEARS.”

We (I) have a few small details to take care of, and thank god they are written down (somewhere) because I cannot for the time of me remember anything, big or small, as of late. My brain is at maximum capacity (even more so now that I’ve been watching Jon Lajoie on YouTube) and I’ve been a huge fail lately.

Hey! Lets have a bridal shower/family bbq to introduce everyone! And then forget to introduce EVERY.ONE.

Hey! Lets give people deposits and not write anything down, and then wait until we get spastic emails from vendors threatening to shoot our knee caps off if we don’t pay the balance in 13 minutes?

Hey! Lets try to run my own business while raising a terrorist toddler and planning a wedding and keeping up with the housework and basic hygiene and OMFG where’s the BOOZE at?

Hey! I need a Zoloft.

A horrible end of summer cold is upon our household as well, and tonight my throat is raw and burning, and as we speak, L is wiping her snot all over my new pillow shams and duvet from Home Sense which omg AWESOME BOOGERS ON MY AWESOME BEDSET.