Well, it’s official.

My old website, littlebabyfeet.com, is dead. Google Apps killed it. I realize they are a huge enterprise but come on. For reals? No support whatsoever, no answers to my inquiries, and they didn’t even kiss me goodbye. Hence, this new website was born  a few minutes ago. Plus, littlebabyfeet was kind of a lame name. Especially since my kids feet are toddler feet, so I’ve been false advertising for months (!!!) Sleazy, I know.

Plus, ParentingWithPinot is so accurate. Like 90% of the time, its true every time.

PLUS, I was able to salvage my old posts and import them here. Which is super cool because Ive been writing foul posts since 2008 and what would happen if I couldn’t look back on that post from 2009 about that diet I went on for about sixteen minutes? I would feel awful.

So, happy birthday, Parenting With Pinot. And it’s been a slice, littlebabyfeet. But seriously. Google Apps? DONT.