I’m drinking a Tim Hortons mocha, sitting with Dustin and Lily on the couch.

There’s a promo going on at Timmys called Camp Day, where if you buy coffee on a certain day, some of the proceeds go to sending well deserved kids to camp who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Anywho. It says CAMP DAY on my paper cup and as I’m staring at my gorgeous spawn, she looks at my cup, points to the words and CLEAR AS DAY says “Camp Day! Dat says Camp Day!”

Genius. Einstein. I knew she was smart. She can READ! My face exploded into an unbelieving expression as I exclaim to Dustin “OH MY GOD! She said what the cup says!”

I was ready to enroll her into university, order the complete britannica set of encyclopedia and start her on War and Peace this evening. Also, she would need a lot of turtlenecks, tweed jackets and loafers.

Then Dustin starts laughing. Probably because he thinks I am a lunatic/mentally disabled for thinking her 2 year old can read. Little did I know he told her over and over one day that the cups said Camp Day when she asked “What dat say?”

He laughed at me so hard he was crying.

I’m going to kick him in his sleep tonight on purpose.