This weekend we are going to Dustins hometown to celebrate his grandparents being together for 60 years.

Isn’t that awesome? 60 fricken years together.

I hope Dustin and I are together for 60 years. I hope we can have a 60th anniversary someday. Although I would be close to ninety by then, and probably a bit loopy. But Dustin would only be like 85 or something so he can totally tell me how much fun I am having while I sit in my wheelchair eating all the pastries and stealing wine from everyone.

60 years together is totally something to celebrate and its a pretty awesome milestone. Like bust out the Grey Goose awesome.

Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa E. If you’re reading this, WHAT’S UP! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Although I’m sure if they ever read this blog they would be begging Dustin not to marry that crazy woman who swears on the internet.