We’ve lived in our home for almost a year- owned it for two months. When we moved in the landscaping was amazing. Paths, shrubs, perennials, flowers, etc. I never really took stock of everything until this year because I should probably figure out how to tend to all these plants. There are a few bushes/shrub type things that I can’t identify (yet). For some reason, WordPress isnt allowing me to upload a couple of photos so they are missing, but I’ve posted two that if someone could help me out with identifying, that would be fab.

Here are a FEW plants in our yard…  these are just the ones in the back and side yard, never mind the front yard and all of its glory. For your viewing pleasure, enjoy these pics. I’ll post a few photos later of the other unidentifiables.

Wild Pansies

Virginia Creeper

White Bleeding Hearts

Succulents (planted this year)

Pretty pink flowers… Not sure what these are….

Pink Bleeding Hearts

Stargazer Lilys (planted this year)

Petunias in the garden (planted this year)


Hosta (These are everywhere! So many different kinds, too)



Creeping Jenny

Day Lilys (Also EVERYWHERE)

One of the two crab apple trees (Last year I made applesauce!)

Lime bleeding hearts

Crab apple blossoms…..