Its been a long while since I’ve written anything! Life is busy with a toddler who rarely naps, a puppy, and trying to work from home as well…kind of like snowboarding while painting your toe nails. Shit doesn’t get accomplished. Although that doesn’t really apply to my life…I deal with shit all day long..

Lily finished up swimming lessons a few weeks ago, and obviously did fantastic. She loves the water. Were going to wait a few months before more swimming lessons so we can do some at the outdoor pools. She is in gymnastics now, and I can sense a future olympian. But not really because who can afford to be one of those these days?!

We’ve done some work to the house since buying it. Mostly paint and trim but we also fixed a few things. And there’s more stuff to be completed…new flooring for the kitchen and basement, finishing and painting the basement livingroom, bathroom and bedroom, and doing a bunch of other things that we google/youtube and then attempt. We watched HGTV for nearly two weeks straight, so now we are obviously more than qualified….let’s just say Lily thinks every bald man at Home Depot is Mike Holmes. “Where’s Mike? There he is!”
Add a few big and small projects in the backyard as well as regular maintenance on the double lot yard and putting in a small garden and we should be exhausted before summer really begins.