So we have purchased our FIRST HOME!  We are home owners. Or at least, I am engaged to one.

We are thrilled. We have big plans to turn this house into our own.I’m talking turning the kitchen into my shoe-room plans. But not for reals, sadly. Though that would be awesome.

Oh, and because we aren’t stupid busy enough, we’re going to add a  hippopotamus puppy to the mix. We get to bring him home in a few days, and basically we just have to do the opposite of everything that guy did in the book Marley & Me, and he should turn out alright.

This week marks Lily’s last swimming lesson. We have probably gone to seven out of the eleven lessons. These last few winter months have been horrible for Lily and myself with flus, colds, and god knows what else. She absolutely loves swimming lessons when she isn’t freaking out in the pool. Although I wouldn’t want to blow bubbles with my mouth in the water in that pool, either. That one dude scares me.

Next  extra curricular activity that promotes Coffee and Grown Up Time: Gymnastics, or basically Give Us Your Kids For 45 Minutes And They Can Go Bat Shit Crazy On These Rubber Mats. It should be fun; I can sit on the sidelines with my Tim Hortons gossiping discussing our political standpoints  to my bestie while our kids run amuck and lick orange pylons. Like they did at swimming lessons last week.