I received this completely legitimate email the other day. I’m going to share it, as well as my response, with you in hopes that you can help me maybe figure out why I haven’t heard back yet. Was I wrong to offer my fingerprints? Too personal? Hmmm.

This email is from The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

The LOCOG would like to thank our partners for their support so far. Through their support,the LOCOG has received £941 million already, out of the targeted £1,835 million frompartners.

This online email draw was organized by the LOCOG in conjunction with Microsoft (provider of the emails for the draw).The Aim of the online email draw is to give back to the society that has given so muchalready. The draw was organized online using emails because it is the most convenient means to reach winners from different parts of the world.
The online email draw will be organized quarterly using thousands of active emails from aregion. During the online draw, four emails are picked as the winning emails of One millionPounds Sterling (£1 million GBP) each.

Your email is one of the four emails that emerged as the winning emails of the first quarter draw. To commence your claims process, please fill out the required information (below) within 24to 48 hours:

 FULL NAMES============
PHONE/FAX NO============

 The above information is required for the verification and approval of your prize money(£1,000,000.00).
After proper documentation by the claims documentation Attorney, your prize money will be transferred to you by the payout bank. For security reasons, you are advised to keep this winning information very confidentialuntil you have claimed your prize money successfully.
Get back to us with the required information as soon as possible to enable us proceed withthe release of your prize money. NOTE: WE (LOCOG) HAVE RECEIVED NUMEROUS SUPPORTS FROM OUR WORLDWIDE PARTNERS.

 Best Regards,
Mr.Sebastian Coe
Chairman LOCOG
Head Office London 2012
One Churchill PlaceCanary WharfLondon E14 5LN
United Kingdom.

My response:

Hi just wondering when I get my money because I quit my job and left my kids and husband and need the money so my young lover and I can move to europe and open an antique used bandages store?
Antique used bandage stores do not open themselves, you know.
Also we need groceries and sex changes done so I need that money asap.
Please send my big fat cheque promptly because we would also like to purchase some fur coats, high end pastries and a few elephants to stomp the shit out of some loud ass neighbour cats that meow all friggin night long.
If giving you my sin card number, bank info, finger prints or first born daughter will speed up the process just let me know and I can fed ex it to you. I’m a millionaire now!


SO if you need some money, hit me up. I’m friggin RICH now.