I like treats. And sweets and salty things. I like trans fats and greasy fries, gravy, white bread, sprinkles on donuts and extra cheese on anything applicable.
I’m not trying my hardest to lose weight. Sometime I feel guilty about this. Sometimes I don’t care.
I signed up for the gym months ago, and for the first eight weeks I went nearly five days a week.
I don’t go as much now, and this is mostly because dustin started a new job. His hours make it difficult to establish a routine, unlike before.
He works twelve hour shifts now and when he gets home I am exhausted from being with lily all day without a break. Not that she is a horrible kid. She is just very wearing.
Some days I don’t want to cook. I want greasy fries and fountain pop.
And here’s a tip for all you engaged couples~ don’t suggest its fine for your fiance to have fries for supper, as long as she goes to the gym first.
Guess who can make his own friggin work lunch tonight.
Peel your own fuckin carrots.