Okay, I want to put up my Christmas tree.

How early is too early? Obviously March is too early. July doesn’t work because that’s MY birthday month.

I figure mid November is fair game. It’s cold, there’s snow on the ground, and lights, snowmen and holiday music make the dark, cold winter even more awesome.

I’ve already wrapped a few gifts and been painting Christmas tree ornaments for a couple of weeks. And why is it that Crayola kids paint smells like your grandfather’s OVERWHELMING cologne? I can’t even open a bottle of that shit anymore without puking a little bit in my mouth.

The Enchanted Forest is opening up in a few days and I love grabbing a Tim Horton’s coffee and going for a drive through it. I’m pretty sure we took Lily last year, but this year she won’t be in a baby car seat facing backwards in the back of a truck with tinted windows. That must’ve been AMAZING for her.

I’m not as Christmas CrAzY as I used to be. One year I cut snowflakes from paper circles for about a week straight, and hung them on string in my livingroom. Everywhere. It was a little intense. People weren’t sure if I was special and if I had nine cats holed up in my bedroom, or if I was just REALLY into Christmas. Duh. I only had one cat.

Purchase this amazing collectible, here. Perfect for that lady down the road who never opens her curtains.