This post is just a glimpse of where Life with Lily is at right now:

Sometimes when I go into Lily’s room to get her out of her crib after a sleep, she sleepily mumbles “Baby I like it!” You know, like the Enrique Iglesias song that is played everywhere, all the time, non stop, on repeat.
She loves when the garbage truck comes, and will sometimes look forlornly out the window saying “Garbage truck” wistfully.
She loves books. That isn’t new, but she is becoming even more engrossed with books.
We are learning our ABC’s and 123’s. She likes to count the little potted plants on the windowsill. So far, she can make it to four. Einstein, right?
Lily is starting to enjoy being cuddled. So the kid DOES love us!
She likes to put on her Dad’s shoes and try to dance. And also shut herself in the small,  glass-door enclosed front porch trying on all my boots, shoes and sandals.Anybody want to look at 369893 photos of this?