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Happy Halloween!
So far I have consumed roughly ten pounds of sugar and about 9 cups of coffee, while skipping breakfast, lunch and supper. I’m not sure whether I feel like vibrating across the room, shitting my pants, passing out or making a candy corn martini.

Today marks the day when you purchase candy and chocolate for complete fucking strangers and then close the door hoping they dont come by and smash your car or egg your windows later on.
It’s true. I’m not bitter. And I’m especially excited this year because I have a Tupperware bowl full of leftover Jersey Milk mini bars. Not including Lillienne’s haul.
This was her second Halloween but the first time we went trick or treating. She was a bumblebee and I found the costume at Old Navy (because I am completely fricken’ orignal, duh). I didn’t have any face paint (only paint that stained her face) and couldn’t find my pastels so I used my black MAC eyeliner and she was a bee with a cute black dot on her nose. We only went to about ten houses but she managed to score WAY more candy than an almost two-year old should be allowed to carry around.
AND WTF is up with all the awesome Halloween goodies? When I was a kid getting chocolate bars in your stash was like winning the lottery. I remember getting rockets and rock-hard miniature gum balls and those gross toffee/caramel/shit flavoured candies that came in the orange and black wrappers. Now people give away toys. Full chocolate bars. Miniature bags of chips. Cans of POP. Why stop there? How about socks for my kid? A new DVD? Some soup and crackers?
I enjoyed taking Lily trick or treating. I love feeling her small, warm hand in my palm or her teeny fingers clutched around my thumb.