People are weird.
I’m trying to shop today, browsing in the office supplies aisle looking at recycled paper when a man in his fifties rounds the corner, sees Lillienne, and starts talking to her.
“Well, Hello! You have a book! Is it a good book?”
Lillienne is obviously stunned and I’m trying to figure out if I know this person or not. Nope.
“Yeah ha hah…” I said, or something like that, and pulled my cart with my child it in closer.
Later in the checkout line, the woman behinds me is having a full on conversation with Lillienne – one-sided of course because at this point Lillienne is looking from me to the woman with an expression that says “Who the frig is this?”  And then you have to be polite and small talk with someone while you buy a pepperoni stick for lunch.
And some people go right up to my child and touch her hair. Or her cheek.  Not cool. I don’t know you, don’t touch my child, sorry. Unless you ask me. Or buy me a Tim Horton’s first.
Note of interest: Tim Hortons has flavour shots. Am I the only one who is just finding out, or is this a new thing? Because it’s changed my life, people. Cafe Mocha? Boooring. Cafe Mocha with a MINT flavour shot? HAPPY BITHDAY!