So last night we put the boss down to sleep and then somehow I came up with the idea of Dustin and I taking stills of each other while moving our eyeballs only with a slow shutter speed. Happy Halloween! Effect: zombieland.

Who is scarier, Dustin or myself???!!  (The first one that Dustin took of me was THE best, but I couldn’t even look at it I was so freaked out. I deleted it while covering the screen with my other hand)

We’ve got a great little Halloween costume for Lillienne this year, and I am excited to eat all of the candy she brings home take her on her first true trick or treating experience. Dustin and I even might check out a Halloween party and I’ve got a few ideas for costumes, it could be fun. Dustin’s costume will definitely involve something amazing what with all his hair body and what not, and I like to wear heels. I’m sure I will figure something out.