By supper time, I am zonked. Wiped out from playing with Lily all day, working, (attempting to) clean and (again, attempting) laundry, tidying up, etc. Supper around our house usually involves the “What do you want?”  “I don’t know, what do you want?” game until we are all lying on the living room floor crying of starvation but with no idea of what to make. Sometimes, it’s Kraft dinner. Sometimes, it’s grilled cheese sandwiches . At least once a week I will do the whole meat and potatoes and vegetable thing, but more often than not its chicken fingers and fries. Or Ragu over fusilli. Or cheese slices and a few goldfish crackers. Or sugar cubes and a squirt of mustard.
I was reading an article in my Today’s Parent magazine  when I saw an article about meal planning and a light went off. Or on. Anyway. I can do that! I can write down some meals and then buy everything I need for the meals, and then make the meals! And then I don’t have to stand in front of the freezer for an hour going “Hmmmmmmmmm” while my nipples get hard enough to take out someone’s eyeball. So, starting next Monday, we are going to attempt to become one of those meal planner families.The excitement never ends around here. Ever. Seriously. I mean, tonight we all bonded watching Teen Mom. Can you say Poor Parenting?