Mama didn’t raise no fool. I have always said please & thank you, no matter what the circumstance. I usually remember to say “Pardon me?”  instead of “What?”. I do my best not to interrupt, and I apologize if I am wrong. I don’t hit people,  I’ve never been in a  physical fight.  Dustin and I were very much raised the same in this way, and we both feel it’s completely necessary to pass this on to Lily at an early age. Manners, politeness, civility, respect – I see so few children with these characteristics and there is no way on Earth Lily will be one of those children. It makes me proud when I have to dig boogers out of my kids nose with my tweezers when she is majorly plugged up from a cold, and when I am done, she says “Thank you.”  If she bumps into me while running around with her bucket on her head, she will apologize and say “Sorry!”  When I ask her “What do you say!?”  when she pulls on the fridge saying “Cup! Cup!”, she will throw in a “Please!” as an afterthought, but she is still using her manners. When she shares her toys I swell with pride. We are working on table manners, we are NOT allowed to drop food on the floor (intentionally) and that food is not a toy. I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! I am raising a TODDLER with GOOD BEHAVIOUR and one with manners and respect! Yes I know this may change, but let it be known that at one time she was a polite, well mannered little girl and WE did it, as parents. All while sleep deprived,  rock and rolling all night and partying every few months or so.