Today the pressure in my sinuses is at its absolute worst. I’ve never experienced sinus pressure before. I want to take my head of my body and kick it really hard across the room. Maybe slam dunk it or bust out a 3 pointer.
This morning I was changing Lily’s diaper and I found something horrifying/amazing.
“How did you manage get poop in your belly button ONLY?!”………..and then I realized it was a chocolate chip.
Instead of Lily just saying “book book book book book”, now she picks up books and says “read this read this read this” and it’s so cute that if she was a puppy she would be a Pomeranian in a tutu with a Corona in hand. Cute!
In my nyquil induced state I almost knocked over the guitar today and Lily said “Careful!” And I realized what stupid advice saying “Careful!” is after something has already happened.