So, the gypsys are at it again. Seriously. Actually the government is hot on our trail so its time we pack up again and find a new home.
Wouldn’t that be FUN if my life was that interesting?? The sad truth is, we are running out of space here. And I desperately want a yard for Lillienne. Somewhere we can learn the names of plants and catch grasshoppers and have a little swing set. And one of those little kiddie pools I can sit in and tan in and drink in. Kidding!
…Ok I am so not kidding.
I can’t wait to have a bigger dining room, two more bedrooms, an extra bathroom, a finished basement, a yard and a garage. Oh, and a soaker tub. Swoon!! Were moving at the end of June which is going to be the mother of all gong shows since I am at a 3 day wedding event working and Dustin is going to have to juggle moving everything plus somehow watching Lillienne unless someone in my family can watch her. I am sad because I LOVE living downtown but we’re only moving about a five-minute car ride away so everything I love about living downtown will still be close and even within walking distance. Unfortunately we’re not buying our own home yet, but in less than a year this is our goal.
After the big move is the July long weekend and we’re heading to a couple different lakes to spend some time away from the city and with our families, and we have a new niece to welcome to the world so I am quite excited about that. Everyone loves a new baby! YUM.