Something is wrong. Horrible wrong. It’s not supposed to be like that. But it is, and it’s time to face the music. This has to change. I want my old life back. Where I don’t feel nauseous after eating meat. The life where I don’t have the poops everyday. What is wrong with me? Why does it feel like I have the eternal flu- coming out of my bum? And it seems to only happen when I eat meat, or chicken. I think fish might be safe, but you can never trust the slippery little things.
Today marks Day 1 of VEGGIE INTERVENTION. I have do it. I’m sick of feeling like crap everyday. I’m going to cut out the meat and see what happens. And you probably think I was the hugest meat-eater, eating large amounts daily and whittling down my chicken wing bones with my teeth. Truthfully, I can barely handle meat now as it it. Every since becoming pregnant with Lillienne, I can barely eat chicken. And please don’t ask me to touch it for more than the 1 second it takes to toss if from styrofoam tray from Sobeys to a glass baking dish, because the look, the smell and the feel of raw chicken makes me want to vomit. Still. And cooked chicken isn’t much more appetizing, all I can think about it the bones and skin and veins (Dont even get me started on “There’s still so much meat left on your chicken bones!”)….and my fear/hatred of eggs was also born around the pregnancy time as well. I do not enjoy eggs either. Give me a steak and I will eat that if it’s cooked to my liking (med. rare) but if there’s fat or gristle  or it’s not done how I like it, I don’t enjoy it. Pork chops have been off my list since high school when we seemed to eat pork chops every night, and now it’s hard for me to eat 1/3 of a chop. Am I turning into a meat snob? Is my body trying to say “Stay away from that stuff! You’ll regret it later!  Besides you think baby cows, pigs and chicks are cuuuute”. And I do, totally. But this isn’t why I’m going to try vegging out for a while. It’s because I want to feel normal again, and wonder if this is the way to go.