So I bet everyone is just DYING to know what a typical day is for me. Everybody is mesmerized by the fascinating, mysterious and completely magical day in the life of me. Here is a typical tuesday in our house:

7AM: Dustin wakes up for work. As soon as he rises out of bed, I roll over into his warm spot and cover the head with my blankets. Some days I will roll up into the blankets like a sausage for maximum comfort, wishing I had one of these body blanket sleeping bag thingies:
8AM: I roll out of bed and make coffee, check emails, Facebook, respond to clients, go over my calendar, eat a few goldfish crackers (which has now become a staple, side dish, and a top five favourite cheese product in this household) , find something for Lillienne to have for breakfast.
9AM-10AM: Lillienne wakes up. She is usually very grumpy or very happy. Cheerios, Oatmeal or Fruit & Yogurt for breakfast. We watch Thomas the Train and I usually blast a little JAY-Z after Caillou to get our groove going for the day. This episode was the best: Caillou Visits Kate Gosselin’s Hair Dresser!

11AM- We play, read, get dressed, have a diaper change or two, have some coffee, and repeat words like Ball, Book, Up, Down, Teeth, etc. By this point I have usually drank six gallons of coffee and am ready for a caffeine heart attack to follow any minute.
12noon- C usually comes for lunch. She works just down the road and I am pretty sure I owe her a new blackberry, unless drool encrusted blackberries with tiny bite marks are all the rage.
1PM- Lillienne goes for a nap. I bust out the Vodka Jell-0 shooters and it’s back to cranking the Jay-Z for a bit, putting on my Mom Of The Year outfit and dancing in front of my picture windows.2-3PM Lillienne wakes up and we have some more snacks, drinks, reading, playing and I clean up the empty Jell-O shooter cups. We have started coloring lately and that’s awesome because I love getting smelly marker on our rental apartment carpet when our damage deposit is more than a small car loan. And yes I realize I can use crayons but I’m afraid she would eat them (UPDATE: She ate the end off of  a “yellow green” jumoby crayola..). Someday, hopefully Lillienne will have a brother or sister to color on instead of carpets. 4-5PM- Mom starts to get tired and Lillienne has ground six hundred goldfish crackers into the carpet by now as well. I’ll attempt to make supper and grab something out of the freezer to cook or bbq and Lillienne will go down for one more afternoon nap sometime in here. She is a wonderful sleeper for the most part and I love these naps because I’m usually able to tidy up a bit, wash our afternoon dishes and sippy cups, maybe even do a load of laundry or even HAVE A SHOWER! If I have time to HAVE A SHOWER! while Dustin is at work, I consider this having an amazing day.
6PM- Dustin is home and I now no longer exist to Lillienne, it’s all about Daddy. Which is lucky for me because I am so excited to cook dinner with the ancitipation of more dirty dishes and scrubbing and wondering how the F I am going to get that crusty cheese off that baking dish without soaking it for nine days. We eat dinner and this consists of Lillienne throwing everything off of her tray. But it’s okay, because she’s cute and we love her and I get to go to bed in a few hours so I’m much more lenient.
7-8PM- We go for a walk or a bike ride or a car ride. We always need wipes or diapers or fruit or something equally life shattering important. Lillienne will carry some object of comfort around all night before bed, lately its a toothbrush or a bag of frozen bread (?? I don’t know either) and this is my favourite time of day, because we’re all together as a little family in the park or playing in the livingroom and I get that feeling that this is what I’ve always wanted.
9PM- Lillienne gets a bath and goes to bed. Dustin and I crack a fresh bottle of wine or seven and have a toast for another day of surviving having a child. We read, we gossip, we cuddle, we watch tv and go on the computers. I sneak in a couple Jell-O shots before bed, and then we get up and do it all again tomorrow. I wouldn’t have it any other way.