So I’m pretty sure after these last couple eye teeth, Lillienne is done teething. She will have these teeth until grade one or so and then it’s on to the big gawky adult teeth every child inherits.
Basically, she will be done teething. Forever. Another chapter closed. Am I sad? Of course. Another chunk of her babyhood over and done with. But hopefully this will also mean sleeping through the night. That would be nice. shrieking at four thirty at the top of your lungs is getting old. And the biting. I was bitten yesterday. Am I supposed to go get a tetanus shot? How do I know she isn’t rabid?
Here are the words currently in Lillienne’s vocabulary. She doesn’t say every word perfectly, but you get the meaning and she understands and is starting to communicate more every day: ball, bird, water, shoes, wow, barbie, hi, bug, bye, mom, dad, jacket, bike, eye, hair, puppy, kitty, bear, cracker, cookie, button, go, gogurt (for yogurt) nap. I’m sure there will be new words tomorrow and after we are done reading the Sesame Street books it’s on to the thesaurus and her MENSA application.
And guess what? Me and the ladies are off to Regina this weekend. Hurray!  Lock up your fathers! Here come the Pretend Housewives Of Central Saskatchewan. HOLIDAY! CELEBRATE!