I haven’t even blogged my 365 photo project, which is a bad sign. I had been so good with this project, and then I go and throw it in a dark corner and forget to feed and water it and now it’s rotting and  smells like badness. I’ll get back on that. The past two weeks have been busy, but then if they hadn’t been, I have no business with a child and trying to run a business or calling myself a photographer. All at once. While slaving over a hot stove, teaching Lillienne to say Please and Thank You, and all the other awesome mind blowing things going on in my life. Here’s the last 2 weeks, Recap That Sh!t:

Lillienne loves the lake. And trying to eat rocks and dirt when I am not looking.
Saskatoon has some amazing locations for photos. It’s all ’bout cutting your foot open on beer bottles, people!

If you’re going to carry a meat cleaver around and walk and talk like a crazy person please do it in your own backyard. Not down by the river in a very public park where you are apt to make me pee myself out of fear.

No, I am not ready for the kingdom of heaven, and please leave me alone. Here, have my empty pop bottle.
Lillienne can say button, puppy, milk, wow, hair, barbie, bird. You know, all the important things.
I’m going to really try that PGX stuff. Again. For Realz. I’m so horrible at doing things that I hate doing! Like, exercises and eating carbs in moderation.
I took some maternity photos of my gorgeous sister in law and photos my niece, engagement photos for my bro in law and his lovely woman. I love my job so much but I love taking photos of my family the most.
Lillienne helped me celebrate my second Mothers Day this year and she is growing up so fast.
Lillienne somehow now has 12 pairs of shoes.